About us

We work with a range of people to fascinate young people and their communities about the wonders of science and engineering in the world around us. If you teach primary or secondary science, are involved in science education or communication, are a school senior leader or governor, academic, research scientist/engineer or a business in science or engineering then the Hub will be of interest to you.

Located within the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Science & Engineering, we bring our expertise, built up over nearly 20 years to work with schools across Greater Manchester.  By focusing on the development of in-service teachers with a range of dynamic partners we are relentless in our drive to inspire, fascinate and improve the teaching and learning of science in our schools today. Our remit is mainly primary school science curriculum and professional development. However, appropriate links are made to secondary school science and engineering innovations.

The Hub benefits from an experienced Steering Group made up of academics and professional service staff from each of the four Faculties within the University. With a strong emphasis on contributing towards the University of Manchester’s Strategic Vision for 2020, the Hub actively contributes to the key aims of World-class Research, Outstanding learning and student experience and Social Responsibility.

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Making a Difference Awards for Social Responsibility 2015

We are delighted to receive a Highly Commended Award for Outstanding Contribution for Professional Support Services. This award is to recognise innovation and impact in professional support services for social responsibility, for example by developing processes and initiatives, or delivering activities, that make a difference.

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