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  1. Through the Science Window dates
  2. Great Science Share for Schools 2018
  3. Learning to be an Engineer - report on using 'tinkering' to engage learners
  4. Making a Difference Awards -  WINNER 2016 and 2017
  5. Explorify
  6. Terrific Scientific - BBC Learning Campaign
  7. Primary Science International Education Conference 2019
  8. Smart Pickings - get your copy!

                            We're delighted! 

In January we will be looking for new schools to get involved if they are keen to take up the challenge to engineer a marble run. This is an IMECH-IET Sponsored project and we're interested to find out from schools who may be interested to get involved. If you are a primary or secondary school you can get involved. Visit


SEERIH 3rd Annual Primary Science Conference - Let's get Physic-al. Save the date - 1st November 2018, will be hosted in collaboration with the Ogden Trust. To be held at Bury Grammar High School. 2018 sponsors include BASF, the Ogden Trust and the Comino Foundation. Learn more about these confernces here: SEERIH 2nd Annual Conference Summary or watch the conference film



Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing' Training Workshop for Primary Teachers - 27th of April - 9.00am to 4.30pm - Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester, M13 9PLGMEC - the Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge has launched. To book on visit 


Through the Science Window (TSW) courses These are one-day, half-day or twilight professional learning courses led by recognised experts in their field on key topics in primary science and engineering. Examples of TSW course this year are: The Role of the Science Subject Leader, Getting the most out of Talk in the Primary Science Classroom and Making Assessment Meaningful.

Download the full programme for this academic year here: TSW 2017-18‌  Eventbrite invitations will be sent out to members of the SEERIH database for these courses. If you wish to attend and aren't part of the database please contact .

All courses are sponsored by the Primary Science Teaching Trust and come free of charge for Greater Manchester in-service teachers.  Booking and non-attendance will be charged at a rate of £150. All courses require active engagement in reflective practice.


The Great Science Share for Schools

THE GREAT SCIENCE SHARE FOR SCHOOLS involved over 10,000 young people sharing their science with new audiencs across Greater Manchester and the UK in 2017. In 2018 - there are over 30,000 young people already registered to engage with campaign, 29 satellite events, the Manchester flagship event... and over 180 other school-based events across the UK. We even have our first international satellite happening in Jeju in Korea!

The 2018 Great Science Share for Schools is in partnership with BBC Terrific Scientific - Question. The national campaign day is Tuesday 19th June 2018 and everyone can still get involved. For all the up to date information, guidance and free resources visit You can still register your participation and most importantly whatever you do towards this campagin, let us know by tweeting using the hashtag #GreatSciShare and follow us on @GreatSciShare

If you're intruiged to know what happened last year, click here

We are proud to have been awarded the:

2018 Charity of the Year Award by Chemicals NW

2016 and 2017 Making a Difference Award

and are finalists for the Reputation Award by the Chemical Industry Association. 

Learning to be an Engineer - report co-authored for The Royal Academy of Engineering

Learning to be an Engineer - A report by the Royal Academy of Engineering

The Tinker Tailor Robot Pi project, which has encouraged primary and secondary teachers to interpret what it means for pupils to learn through ‘tinkering’ has led to real strides being made to bring together science, computing and design technology lessons, and to promote a desire for engineering in mainstream classrooms. Incorporating the Manchester Robot Orchestra, a citizen science project, teachers from the project co-created the lesson experiences, with the stimulus of engineers so that pupils developed Engineering Habits of Mind, highlighted the new education report.  

Experts featured in the report, entitled ‘Learning to be an engineer’, call for more “tinkering” and "playful experimentation" as a means to encourage more young people to think like engineers and to consider this exciting field for their future careers.

The findings have been co-authored by Dr Lynne Bianchi, Director of Science and Engineering Education and Research Innovation Hub (SEERIH) and Dr Jon Chippindall, SEERIH Engineering Champion at The University of Manchester.

You can read the report here

We are delighted to have been further supported by the RAEng to develop 'Progressing to be an Engineer' - an innovative project that will take place during the academic year of 2018-2019. If you are interested to be involved get in touch by emailing us at

The Wellcome Trust's Explorify Campaign


Explorify is changing the way science is being taught in schools. Brought to you by The Wellcome Trust, this free resource is full of engaging, creative science activities for primary school learning. It has been designed to stimulate curiosity, discussion and debate. From video to hands-on activities, it’s easy to get Explorifying!

Sign up to access a selection of activities, hand-picked for teachers and classes new to Explorify – including great content from our friends at the BBC, Science Museum, and Natural History Museum.

Teachers have found the best way to get started and see progression in your class is to do two or three activities per week. As you progress, you’ll unlock more activities to try with your class. Once you’ve done 10, you’ll be able to access 100+ high quality activities free of charge, and continue to enhance your curriculum teaching.




TERRIFIC SCIENTIFIC - The BBC Primary Science Learning Campaign. 

You can now register at This national campaign will provide schools with ten big science experiments to get involved in. Aimed at Year 5 and 6 (9-11 year olds) five investigations took place in collaboration with leading university researchers in 2016-2017. 

This year a further five investigations will be launched. The final one being the most exciting for SEERIH, as our work on the Great Science Share will support 'Question' - the final Terrific Scientific investigation.

More information can be found at Register to be part of the campaign, which has made a real difference to over 10,000 primary schools already!

Smart Pickings - order your copy now

SMART PICKINGS - interested in child-led learning in science, then this could be the book for you!

Smart Pickings - a new children's science book offers chance for every child to develop their own investigation, however old they are! An accessible way to talk with children about the wonders they have about the world and how to develop their own scientific ideas.

Dr Lynne Bianchi's new book 'Smart Pickings' is now available from Millgate House Publishers or via Amazon.

Visit: to order your copy.

Primary Science International Conference 2019!

6-8th June 2019, Edinburgh

The Primary Science Teaching Trust is determined that there should be no barriers to every child receiving an outstanding education in primary science, and we are committed to our vision that teachers are the key to making this happen.

Through crossing boundaries between the classroom and academia, between policy and practice, and between one nation and another, our conference in 2019 will continue to break down the barriers and empower educators to develop excellence in primary science.

Register your interest for our conferences, which exemplify the best in primary science from around the world and include: 

  • Inspirational speakers.
  • Practical ideas to take back to the classroom
  • World-class CPD opportunities
  • Networking and practice sharing





Events we regularly host or attend:

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