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  • Our SEERIH Innovations website allows you to access new websites and resources created to support the improvement of primary science and engineering. Visit https://seerih-innovations.org/



  • Tinkering-for-Learning Here we share the collaborative learning of over 30 teachers, from 12 schools, across 3 years, working with the Science & Engineering Innovation and Research Hub at The University of Manchester. After 3 years of exploration, experimentation and, of course, tinkering, we’re keen to share what we’ve learnt about doing great engineering in schools. Visit https://seerih-innovations.org/tinkering4learning/


  • PLAN is a set of resources produced to enable teachers to have a clearer understanding of National Curriculum (England) expectations for meeting the standard in scienceIt’s always great to come across something that's hot off the press, inspires or fascinates you. Here is a sample of things we’re proud to share with you that should stimulate your thinking http://www.ase.org.uk/resources/primary/plan/ (February 2017)



  • Primary Science Teacher Assessment Exemplification (April 2016) Support your whole school teacher assessment using the latest DFE exemplemification materials for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.



  • Teacher Assessment in Primary Science - valuable inforamtion about assessment for learning in primary science and how formative assessment can be used for summative purposes. Part of the TAPS project, produced by Sarah Earle, Bath Spa University. A summary document is also provided here:
    TAPS teacher summary (PDF, 900 KB)



  • Smart Science: the only teaching resource to bring together Personal Capabilities and Science Enquiry. Download two samples here. For more information or access to the full resource email lynne.bianchi@manchester.ac.uk.

              Hedgehog crime scene (PDF, 4.7MB)

              Mole's mess (PDF, 5.8MB)


  • Topical Science A quick and easy to use, curriculum linked interactive guide to the best science websites for primary school teachers. To access these resources, visit TES Resources  http://bit.ly/SotW_TES


  • Pivots of Change Project Report -
    this project reports on the nature of collaborative practive between primary and secondary school Science teachers and scientists. Read here Pivots of Change 


  • Verbal Behaviour Analysis in the Primary Classroom: a collaborative project with Huthwaite International and Grenoside Primary School, exploring the development of children's talk-skills through science. A series of films is provided here explaining the project and one of its creative outputs - 'Off the Menu' an animation using verbal behaviours.

    View David Freeman and Dr Lynne Bianchi explain Huthwaite’s research and the way it’s been used with primary pupils (Learning and Skills Conference, London Olympia)

  • Why does jelly wobble? Professor Dudley Shallcross explores the nature of solids, liquids and gases in his trademark 'Why does Jelly Wobble' workshop. Filmed at the University of Manchester.

  • Yes we can - a fun activity book for children (PDF, 2.2MB). Produced by WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology) as a means of encouraging Early Years pupils to engage with engineering careers.
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